impact_vino (impact_vino) wrote,

Affordable housing question

Hello from Portland, Oregon. Here in the US we have a thing called "The Baby Boom Generation" born after the second world war, and they have pretty much destroyed the planet. Their latest gift (around here, anyway) is buying up tons of the last good farmland in Oregon and building Mc-mansions to retire on. That would not be a big deal, except there is only so much open space and farmland left around here. The cost of housing has gone up five-fold in the last 10 years. If you missed out on buying a house (like me) then you are screwed as prices keep going up and up, and the babyboomers keep moving up here and chopping down every tree and developing every farm into a damn housing tract. And instead of the prices going down due to an increasing supply, just the opposite, they are starting at $300,000 and going ever higher.

So that leads me to my question: New Zealand is not hellish and hot like Australia. My knowledge of NZ comes from the Lord of the Rings movies. I think I need to move there just to be able to buy a house and live and retire with some property. you guys also have a 1960's generation baby boom that is eating up farmland for expensive houses? What is a median price for a tiny house that has a bit of space around it for quiet and privacy? I realize these are very general questions, but any answer is better than nothing at all. Thanks. And to the baby boomers who read this...bite me.
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