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Vino scooter performance upgrades

"scooter eros era scooter"

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"Pop pop pop grrrerawwwwhhh" Here's an LJ site that will teach you how to tune up the greatest bike in the world; the Yamaha Vino scooter!!!!

I started this LJ after seeing all these journals for lip gloss and mascara and shoes...why not a place for tuning scoots?

As for me, Yeah I took the plunge and went to 70cc's...ruined the Vino and went back to 50cc'c...now I'm toying with the idea of hooking a boost bottle to the manifold, read all about it here.

I'll also post some sites where you can buy Vino performance parts online
Here's a start: To view all Vino parts (any year), go to, parts.yamaha-motor.com/

Also try: scootertherapy.com, mototek.com, badmotoscooterpartsonline.com, strokeit imports.com, thescooterlounge.com, mopedhospital.com, beedspeed.com, and perhaps the best place to go for advice is; Yahoo Groups,theyamahavinoclub, with over 600 members it is where I go with my scooter troubles.

Feel free to leave any feedback or ask Vino questions (or scooter questions in general...that's what I'm here for).