impact_vino (impact_vino) wrote,

TO 70cc OR NOT TO 70cc, that is the question....

Whether it is nobler to back up traffic and be a slug up hills, or to suffer the slings and arrows of an unpredictable 70cc conversion (which may blow up in your face)?

Okay...this is complicated. I bought my Vino with the full intention of acommplishing two things; 1) Saving money at the gas pump. 2) Not having to deal with the time, trouble, and cost of getting a moto endorsement for my license. Here is what happened; the stock 50cc bike proved too slow to keep up with traffic, and so I sought ways on the internet to make the lil' Vino go faster. First came "de-restriction"; nice, but still I needed more speed. Next came the Airsal single-ring 70cc kit, which ran great for about two months until it ate the wrist pin bearing on my way to work. So to fix that problem I bought the KRD beefy wrist pin unit from Moped Hospital. Bike ran good for about 6 months and then the damn wrist pin clip worked itself out and destroyed the motor. Okay, now I'm on engine rebuild Number-3, what to do different this time? I decided to get the Airsal 2-ring piston kit. I like the quality, fit and finish of Airsal, so I stuck with that brand despite earlier problems. Well, the 2 ring kit proved to have so much compression I could not use my electric starter, plus it was killing my ankle to kick start it. After about 200 miles the bike got harder & harder to kick start, I haven't the foggiest notion why, so I just gave away the Vino for $200.00.

Conclusion...I don't know if I can recommend the 70cc build-up. If I had to do it all over again I think I would just go with an Arrow extreme pipe and larger Michelin S-1 rear tire with maybe a stronger rear torque spring and the Zuma #80 main jet. At least you won't be committing "engine-cide" as the 70cc's just don't seem to hold up for long (at least they didn't hold up for me). Good luck to Thee and Thine, I gave up and bought a 125 Honda Elite.
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