impact_vino (impact_vino) wrote,

70cc kit still alive

Well - Been a couple of hundred miles now on the stock 50cc head gasget and no problems running (so far). Great 80 degree Fall day, riding my scoot and generally having a blast with the 70cc cylinder. Moped Hostpital sells a gasget kit for $6.00, but if it's not broke don't fix it. 50cc head gasget is running great. Now, I shall boast of my scooters modifications:

2002 Yamaha Vino Classic with:

Aluminum 70cc kit with single chrome ring piston and nickasil coated cyl.

KRD racing wrist pin bearing

Zuma #80 main jet and Zuma carb needle (on center clip).

Malossi variator with 5.50 gram roller weights

Malossi large-finned outer pulley

Malossi white rear torque spring

Carbon Tech carbon fiber reed valves

Handy Bikes large rear shock

over sized Michelin S-1 rear tire

other mods:

center stand welded up 1 inch to acccomodate larger rear tire

drive side case vented

all phillips head side cover screws replace with hex bolts

stock gas tank swarf screen removed and replaced with inline gas filter

stock vacumn petcock replaced with manual unit
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