impact_vino (impact_vino) wrote,

Been a cruel, cruel Summer...

Man - Where to begin explaining this Summer? Ate my 70cc kit with a bad wrist pin bearing, ate my 50cc kit with a broken wrist pin clip. Shut down the other night due to shredded head gasget combined with loose head and had to take a bus home. Shut down last night when air box fell off and got run over by a fucking car... Man oh man, what have I done to piss off the scooter gods? Four days off for Memeorial Day weekend and all I did was wrench on my fucking bike.

Now I'm barely rolling with stock 50cc head gasget wondering how long it will hold. I can't ride far from the bus lines due to fear of break downs at every minute. I should've bought the 125 Vino, but since I saved $200.00 a year in insurance for 3 years I guess I can't cry too much.

Speaking of crying...I died last Fall, watching the leaves turn yellow & brown and having rare warm clear weather (for Oregon) to ride in and I just sat at home and cried. I will not go through that again!!!!!!!! I will pay whatever I got to pay to keep scooting through the 2006 Fall (now watch me eat it on some dead leaves while going around a corner).
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