impact_vino (impact_vino) wrote,

Clogged tailpipe = unhapiness & frustration

Well, well, well, "Mr. Vino know-it-all" (that's me) goofed around with my scooter all Summer only to find out it was a clogged-up tailpipe that was causing me all he trouble. Some history:

1) Bike would start, but would not develop power or high-revs.

2) rebuilt engine, bike would still not develop power or revs.

3) Did compression check and found bike had 130 pounds (about 10 too much), concluded that since bike had 7,000 miles on it the side crank seals must be worn and letting in outside air.

4) On a whim, took pipe into work and hooked it up to air compressor to see if any carbon or packing crap would blow out the pipe (for the record NOTHING blew out of the pipe).

5) Started the Vino without the pipe on and boy did it rev.

6) Hooked up pipe and she ran beautiful...better than when it was new.

7) Held my head in my hands realizing I blew all Summer fucking around with scooter instead of riding it and all because of the most retarded lame thing possible; A CLOGGED TAILPIPE ("bleh").

So, NOW WHAT, my brothers? First of all, I am going back to bascs with this LJ and listing all the mods for the Vino 2-stroke that have worked for me. Then I'll write a note saying beware of earlier burblings on this site because they were all about me and the stress of not getting this bike to run right. Finally I'll just answer "viewer mail" from you guys in regards to the Yammy Vino. Enjoy.
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