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Drive belt was clutch is slipping

Man oh man...nice October day with the leaves changing color and no rain, but I can't ride because my belt was slipping. So I locked the rear hub in place (by taking out the torques spring and puting in a plastic spacer). Well, it worked...sort of. You see, that did keep the BELT from slipping, but then the clutch started slipping.

Frustrated? You bet. Mad and upset and depressed? Oh yeah. Down, down, down with no shoulder to cry on? Oh yeah.

I've got nothing better to do but try a smaller spacer (so the rear wheel can gain more speed and force the centrifugal clutch out farther & harder.

Here's what I really need to do, though:

1) Buy a new drive belt.

2) Buy stock piston rings.

3) Have the cylinder honed.

4) Buy 5.5 gram roller weights.

Total cost: About another $100.00 that I don't have (and still no guarantee that this set up will work, either). little scooter sure let me down when I needed it the most and even $400.00 and a LOT of work wouldn't get it fixed.

For some reason the bike just does not want to rev as high and develop the power that it used to and I can't for the life of me after trying 2 carbs and 6 different jets figure out why.
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